Our Mission & Vision

The foundation began with inspiration from Yashoda Amma - back when she was taking care of her family of nine - and her desire to share her means with the needy, unconditionally.
The core mission of the foundation is to provide holistic learning opportunities to underprivileged children.
To carry this journey forward, we take a ground-up approach to the whole initiative. And that means, we always begin with children and focus on their education. We do this through our flagship program, Disha. Disha focusses on providing unique, safe, and imaginative learning spaces for the children. We also call these spaces, Community Learning Centers and Inspiration homes. The program includes academics, arts, music, dance, sports, health, and experiential science workshops. Importantly, we provide learning to enable them to become responsible future citizens of the world.

Become a volunteer

Volunteer workers are our driving force and are greatly cherished by our children. Click here to explore the opportunities available.

Show us some support

Donations - however big or small - make a world of difference to us as well as the communities we work with.

Who we are

Established in 2007, Yashoda Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that works to empower, and develop marginalised and underprivileged communities with an unwavering commitment to unconditional support.

What we do

Our work aims for the upliftment of the community as a whole. Our Community Learning Centres work to supplement children’s education with activities that broaden their exposure. We also connect communities with large companies in order to grant them access to larger markets for their produce.


Led by a visionary group of committed leaders and able administrators, Yashoda Foundation stays true to the founding principles laid down by these stalwarts.

Swarna Kaveti - Managing Trustee

Swarna actively engages in social work and takes a keen interest in the activities of Yashoda Foundation. She has been associated with the foundation since 2007 and in her capacity provides her able advice and guidance to the team.
She is also the director of ProArch IT Solutions and holds a masters degree in electrical engineering from West Virginia University Morgantown, WV, USA.

Santosh Kaveti - Honorary Secretary

An enabler and a mentor, Santosh works with dedicated teams to provide open and non-judgemental learning spaces for underprivileged children along with all the learning tools they need.

Lakshman Kaveti - Honorary Advisor

The Vice President of the mobile computing department of ProArch IT Solutions, Lakshman began his association with Yashoda Foundation in 2009. He serves the community in an advisory capacity.

Navin Kumar - CEO

Navin has been with Yashoda Foundation since 2012 and oversees the delivery, partnerships, and funding of its initiatives. Moreover, along with the rest of the executive team, he holds the mantle for envisioning the foundation’s direction and strategy.

Spandana Tummuri - Chief Advisory

An Environmental and Water Resources Engineer, Spandana heads the Chief Advisory board of the Foundation and is extremely committed to its values of helping those who cannot help themselves.

Alex Pierce – Global Volunteer

Alex has been with ProArch for 6 months and has been an active volunteer spreading the word of Yashoda Foundations great work across social medias, meeting the children and helping with technical support for the foundation.

Lalit Sharma - Director Branding

As a child, Lalit was fascinated towards photography and it heavily influenced his life. As soon as he finished off his matriculation (SSC), his passion grew into profession. The magic of photography not only intrigued him, but the translation from the click of the shutter to a finished image has always amazed him. Slowly, as the transition took place in the photograhy from black and white to colour, so did his equipment. He used SLR of almost all brands such as FUJI, YASHICA, PENTAX, Nikon, Sony and finally hit Canon. His ability to see the "Big Picture", to know what's important and what's not and his "style"; a perspective, a way of looking at things, or even photographic tendency makes him special.

Durga Prasad - Executive Member

Durga Prasad is an integral part of the team and plays an important role in the foundation activities. He personally ensures more people get involved from the different departments of ProArch. He has completed his MBA from Sree Rama Institute of Management and has been working with ProArch as the Head of the HR department since 2009.

Sushma Chitturi - Executive Member

Passionate about education and the wonderful ways in which it can change one’s life, Sushma Chitturi has always viewed education as a necessity rather than a privilege, which is one of the reasons she decided to work with Yashoda Foundation as a sponsor. The way she sees it, the children in our care are no different from her own child, since all of them together will be building the future. As such, Sushma is committed to working on opportunities that tap into the immense potential the children at the Foundation have by collaborating with organizations and people to eliminate the constraints holding them back, allowing them the freedom to make the most of what they have. Through her work, she wishes to give back to the community and set an example for her child.