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We Are Yashoda Foundation

Established in 2007, Yashoda Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization set up to empower and enable underprivileged children and create happier communities.

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Community Learning Centers

Our CLCs focus on augmenting the children’s schooling and help bridge any existing learning gaps to prepare them for higher education.As such, we never aim to entirely replace education in schools, but only supplement it. We focus on getting the children involved with sports and reading, among a lot of other extra-curricular activities.Through these centres, our objective is to provide a well-rounded environment for our children and help them discover more about their interests and strengths.

Inspiration Home

Our Inspiration Home for underprivileged children provide them with the food, shelter, and clothing they need alongside ensuring their educational and healthcare requirements are met.The home has 3 bedrooms and a toilet alongside two halls and a spacious kitchen and store room. The children have closets to store their belongings in as well as the necessary household items. In the evenings, the open hall inside the home is used for the children’s tuition classes.

Social Enterprise

We collaborate with farmer collectives and supply organic products to major corporations by working hand-in-hand with their CSR initiatives in an effort to boost social enterprise.As such, we bridge the gap in the market between underprivileged community collectives and corporate companies, tying the former’s produce to the latter’s requirements. We work with various CSR initiatives and run schemes under which we aim to align the communities work with the wellness goals of your employees.

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Community Learning Centers



It was blessed to have a visit to the Inspiration home. which is run by Yashoda Foundation . I was a part of the summer camp as one of the Volunteer, I was delighted by the experience.Yashoda Foundation mainly focuses to help underprivileged children and to cater their daily needs as well as educate them .They have children ranging from primary  to high school standards .As a part of our visit we had a interactive session with the kids regarding nutrition and their importance in day to day life .We had also spent time with them in other activities like Music, dances and games like cricket , chess and other indoor games with the kids .We  had a  quality time with them and it was fun and privileged to be a part of it .Looking forward to meet them again soon !! Thanks and kudos to the Foundation for their hard work and dedication

Sunanda Jakala



Working with Yashoda Foundation was really helpful for me. The place always felt home. Really glad that our paths crossed and I’m grateful to the organisation and Navin Sir for hosting 10 international interns during the year 2019-20. Team YF They are really enthusiastic and innovative.


Local Committee Vice-President 2019 AIESEC


I have known Yashoda Foundation since 2018. They are an awesome team with beautiful work. I personally could relate to their work and the importance of education for underprivileged. Yashoda foundation comes up with innovative ways to make the organization self-sustainable. One of them was using their farm effectively for organizing events for corporates. All the best to team Yashoda Foundation

Jagan Kothacharla

Co-Founder at Chezuba

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Our volunteers form the backbone of our organization and are an integral part of our community, supporting the children through thick and thin

Lawrence Kanja Murakaru

Lawrence Kanja Murakaru who is from Nairobi, Kenya. He is doing his 4th-year Law at JKUAT Karen school law. Lawrence is a student who is passionate about anything environmental related and would like to spread awareness of the issues affecting the environment in Kenya. Lawrence worked with us in spreading awareness and running a campaign related to social issues and use to visit the learning centres and organise motivational classes.

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Sadia Haque from Bangladesh who is an Entrepreneur. Sadia is a Foodblogger and also the owner of Unicorn's, an online based bakery and catering store where they bake customized cakes, desserts, and other bakery items. She is a 2nd-year student of Microbiology at North South University, Dhaka. Bangladesh. Sadia was engaged in organising women empowerment and organised a work shop and trained community women in different baking products on women’s day.

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Milos Racic is from Belgrade where he studied international economy and foreign trade at the University of Belgrade. He was looking for new challenges and a way to make a difference, Milos volunteered with AIESEC and volunteered with yashoda foundation and he worked on digital marketing and fund raising initiatives.

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Working with Yashoda was not only about work, but it taught me about the joy of sharing and creating happiness wherever we are.

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Sagar Pal Singh, a student of BCom (Hons) programme, Christ University, Bangalore for contributing towards the development of our community service activities.

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